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5 Things To Do NOW to Deter Crime From Your Apartment Community

Crime is an issue in any apartment community. Because apartments communities are denser populations, your apartment complex can be appealing to criminals – in a short amount of time, over a short distance of space, they have access to a higher number of “opportunities.” What are some affordable tips that you can implement NOW that can help deter crime from your apartment communities?

5 Things YOU Can Do NOW to Deter Crime From Your Apartment Communities:

  1. Take care of graffiti as soon as possible. Leaving a graffiti tag on your building only sends the message that your management either doesn’t care or is lax in the maintenance of the building. If you are lax with the maintenance of the building, would be thieves may believe you will be lax with the security of the building, the legal process, etc.
  2. Install good lightening around the perimeter of your community/apartment building. When I spoke with the Minneapolis police department, they don’t recommend motion lightening in favor of lightening that is turned on a dusk and off at dawn. Their reason: crooks will run into a dark alley, along a dark street and look for opportunities. Even if the lights come on once they on that street or alley, you’ve invited them in. Rather, light the streets and alleys, and those same crooks will avoid your street/alley way altogether.
  3. Leave windows to public areas unobstructed & lighted. Again, the best deterrent in crime is the appearance that the entire neighborhood could be watching. Especially where your community space may face a busy street, make sure the view into the space (i.e. community room) is not obstructed by potted plants, trees, etc. Thieves don’t want to be seen when they are thieving. Where possible, install motion lightening in your interior public spaces – if someone were to break into your community room or office after hours, the space will light up, and with the windows unobstructed, any activity going on in your community room has the possibility of being seen by all.
  4. Plant thorny vines or plants along walls or fences to deny access & prevent graffiti. If you have an area that is frequently tagged with graffiti, have an area that attracts unwanted activity, or have a wall that you want to keep people off – plant thorny vines or bushes. Nobody likes to be pricked by rose bushes or thorny vines – even toughened criminals or your harmless neighborhood juveniles.
  5. In parking areas, like garages & parking lots, post signs to remind residents and guests to lock their cars and take their valuables with them.

Don’t be a willing victim. Without the right “opportunities” for criminals, they WILL move onto greener pastures – that don’t include your apartment buildings.

These are my favorite cost effective, affordable, easy to implement crime deterrents - what are yours?


-Daisy Nguyen in Minneapolis, Minnesota MN



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  2. Good article.

    I live in a condo and just started to become paranoid by the fact that I leave my sliding glass door unlocked all the time being that I live on the second floor. Someone looking to get in would probably figure that to be so and bring a ladder and break in. Maybe I’m just being crazy. Thanks for listening! lol.


  3. daisynguyen says:


    I get updates sent to my email from my local police department. We live in a very nice area of town, but criminals look for “opportunities,” they don’t look at the neighborhood and say, “I, this is too nice of an area to steal from.” The updates that I receive have made me paranoid, and prompted my call to the local police department, and these are some of the few things I learned. Most importantly, as residents of our communities, we need to lock up our things and not assume that since we live in a “nice” area, it won’t happen to us! Lock your patio door! :-)


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